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10/31/16 Hampshire Gazette: Governor endorses David Isakson for sheriff
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10/20/2016 Hampshire Gazette Editorial: Cahillane's lapses on campaign rules troubling
Lapses on campaign rules troubling.pdf
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10/20/2016 Turley Publications, Inc. sent letters to both candidates with a few questions.
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10/17/2016 Hampshire Gazette: Sheriff's candidate returns $10,000 in campaign donations from department employees
Sheriff's candidate returns $10,000.pdf
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10/6/2016 Turley Publications, Inc. Candidates plan to address opiate addiction
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8/12/2016 Hampshire Gazette: Cooking program at Northampton jail seeks to connect participants with jobs, not more trouble, upon release
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8/2/2016 Hampshire Gazette: Hampshire sheriff candidate Patrick Cahillane's parade march raises campaign questions
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6/23/2016 Hampshire Gazette: Republican launches campaign for sheriff
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3/16/2016 Hampshire Gazette: Jail plans no changes in screening
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2/3/2016 Hampshire Gazette: State cites mold, wood rot as health concern at Hampshire County jail; upgrades coming for inmates, sewage system
Health concerns at Hampshire County jail[...]
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